Episode 88: REAL Justice, REAL Solutions, EVERY Black Life Matters… with Kevin McGary

He saw Black Lives Matter (BLM) yucking it up with ANTIFA, having a grand ol’ time while black and brown businesses were burning, and Kevin McGary knew that something had to change. He figured people would see through the facade, but as things calmed down, and some of the noise subsided, people still didn’t get it…

After realizing himself that people were not accepting the reality that BLM was actually against everything that could actually help the black community, Kevin decided it was time for an alternative. The premise was simple, everything BLM was against, (based on their own site) EveryBLM would be for… Things like fathers, family, capitalism, school choice, pro-life, etc. Basically, REAL proven solutions that would actually help the black community. EveryBLM would be the alternative, promoting what is right and righteous.

Who is Kevin McGary and what is
EVERY Black Life Matters?
Kevin McGary is an author, public speaker and the president of  Every Black Life Matters (EBLM). EBLM is an organization that considers itself a preeminent justice movement. While this is a noble thought, and seemingly a virtuous goal, “ What does that actually mean?” There have been many organizations that consider themselves justice related organizations and/or movements. “Social Justice,” Racial Justice,” and “Human Rights” organizations (in general), are all about “justice,” right?

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What have you done today to make your life a better life? What have you done today to make the world a better place? The world is a better place if we are better people, and that begins with each of us leading a better life. Be kind to one another, be grateful for everything you’ve got, and make each and every day the day that you want it to be!

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