Episode 95: The Addiction Relapse Epidemic within the Pandemic… with Scott H. Silverman

Our country has been faced with, and is still facing extraordinary and unprecedented times in so many ways. Not only have we been plagued by a pandemic that is contributing to the loss of many of our friends and neighbors, but our government’s reaction to the pandemic is taking an incredible toll of it’s own. With so many lives and livelihoods decimated by lock-downs, mandates¬† and the resulting loss of businesses and destruction of the economy, one of many unintended consequences is the number of people who have relapsed into the black hole of depression and addiction.

This week’s guest on the Derate the Hate podcast is no stranger to addiction and all the troubles that come along with it. Scott H. Silverman is an expert crisis coach and family navigator, encouraging families and individuals to move forward on the road to recovery. Scott has been featured on multiple news and media outlets for his expertise about addiction and recovery. He is an author “The Opiod Epidemic”, an addiction interventionist and a fellow podcaster.