What Role Does Fear and Trust Play in the Gun Safety Debate? DTH Episode 121

What role does fear and trust play in the gun safety debate?

DTH Episode 121 with Mark Beckwith and Paul Norris

I recently sat down for a follow up conversation on the topic of gun safety with 2 friends of mine from Braver Angels. In December of 2021, I conducted a round table event with some friends on the same topic. A lot of things were left unsaid and unresolved in that conversation, as many conversations go when it comes to contentious topics. I asked my friends Mark Beckwith and Paul Norris to rejoin me for this follow-up conversation.

Paul Norris graduated from UC Berkeley. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters’ in counseling. A gun owner from age 12, he is an NRA Benefactor member and an advocate for gun safety. Paul is currently retired but still works part time in counseling. He is active in Braver Angels, serving as a moderator and state coordinator. 

Mark Beckwith Is a a bishop in the Episcopal Church and a long-time gun violence prevention activist. He is one of the co-founders of Bishops United Against Gun Violence.  Mark too is a leader in Braver Angels. He is passionate about helping people move beyond the confines of their political and religious silos in order to find common ground. Be sure to check out our show notes for the link to Mark’s recently published book “Seeing the Unseen, Beyond Prejudices, Paradigms and Party Lines”.

Mark and I also recently participated in a discussion on the Braver Angels Podcast:
Braving the Gun Divide | Mark Beckwith & Wilk Wilkinson with Ciaran O’Connor

No matter what side of the issue you are on, we have to keep having the conversation. The conversation has to be had in a civil way. Without conversation, ignorance, fear and thus hate will continue to grow. Ask yourself again, “what role does fear and trust play in the gun safety debate?”

What role does fear and trust play in the gun safety debate?

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