Episode 31: Ugly Often Times Has Nothing To Do With Looks

With everything we are currently experiencing as a country and as a society these days, it has never been more important to be a good person and to be good to those around you. When did it become acceptable to attempt to demonize and destroy those with whom we disagree? I know, this is a rhetorical question, as I don’t in any way find it acceptable, but from what I’ve been seeing in recent years, there are obviously those who do. From people being shouted at and spit upon in a restaurant when trying to have dinner with their family, to sitting US Senators making up the most vile and heinous accusations against Supreme Court Justice nominees, we have seen the most disgusting discourse among people of differing viewpoints that one could possibly imagine, and this behavior must stop!

Episode 30: What Makes You Happy?

What have you done today to make your life a better life? What have you done today to make the world a better place? What makes you happy? One thing that makes me happy is getting away from it all and doing some hunting in the woods. In the current turbulent times in which we live, we must look within ourselves and do those things that make us happy, because ultimately, life is about being happy and even in these tough times, a life not happy is a wasted life. What makes you happy? DO what makes you happy!

Episode 29: There Will Come A Day

There is no doubt, this is one of the most polarized elections in some of the most polarized times in American history. The people of opposing ideologies are maybe as divided as any time in our history, and while this podcast tries to steer clear of politics, it has to do with this week’s episode. This is not because I’m going to get in to political specifics, but because of the way people are treating each other because of their political differences.

Episode 28: There Was a Time

As I lay out in this episode, one of the biggest personal battles I am constantly fighting is reliving the past and wondering if I could have done things different. I think this is something, or a struggle that a lot of people face on a day to day basis. I am a member of several groups online and I see constant posts where people struggle with this. I see people constantly asking the question, “how do I get past X topic from my past so I can have a positive future?”. There is no doubt that this is a serious battle for a lot of people, but one of my greatest tools is the serenity prayer.

Episode 27: Seek the Similarities and Spread the Love

This week I want to ask you this, What if people loved on another for their similarities as quickly as some seem to hate for their trivial differences? We are faced these days with a constant barrage of negativity from politicians, the main stream media and the dumpsterfire known as social media. I will be the first to tell you, I don’t in any way believe things are as bad as those outlets of lies and misinformation would have you believe, but there are those out there that do genuinely hate others for the most trivial of differences. Unfortunately, those are the few that get the most attention for said outlets of information.

Episode 26: Chaos and Degradation Through Tribalism

Once you gain the understanding that many politicians, and those in the media have a vested interest in keeping us divided, mad &/or scared, things start to become much more clear when it comes to the world in which we live. We, as individuals, must not allow those in politics and the media to drive our emotions, to put a wedge between us, and to keep us cowering and waiting for the next bit of chaos or crisis. We must not allow the division and degradation of our society. Do not allow those who have a vested interest in division make the boundaries by which you live your life. #DerateTheHate

Episode 25: Be Better by Being Around Better

There is an old adage that is said in many ways that we are the sum, or average, or product of those with which we associate with most. This is true in so many ways. It has been proven time and time again in business, wealth, and many other measurements of success. Have you ever thought about this adage in terms of attitude and how you treat others? Way back in episode 4 of our podcast I talk about how Smiles and Bad Moods are Contagious. This could not be more true.

Episode 24: It’s Not What You Said, It’s How You Said It

In our relationships, whether it be with a spouse, a co-worker, someone we coach or mentor, have you ever caught yourself saying something in such a way that you can just tell that the other party is not taking what you’ve said the way you intended? Have you ever stopped to think it may be because of the way you are saying it? I know I have, and that is something that I consciously try to think about when I am trying to make a point to someone at a time in which I may be frustrated or upset for some reason. This is something we should all think about when we are interacting with others. Am I saying this in such a way that they will listen and absorb what I am saying, or has my tone or demeanor put them on defense or shutdown mode.

Episode 23: Keeping the Peace, Peace of Mind

Is arguing with those who’s minds you will never change really the way to keep the peace? Is bickering back and forth with someone who’s attitude you cannot change going to make things better for either of you? Does that argument or bicker session make you any more right or them any more wrong? Is this really the way to give you more peace of mind? I think not, I know not…

Episode 22: Perception, Is It Reality?

All too often people become too absorbed in their perception of things and it becomes their reality. If people are constantly told they are a victim, or they are in some way oppressed, they will see victimhood and oppression in everything they experience and will become incapable of finding the good, finding the joy in everyday things and will constantly be unhappy.