Episode 75: Excuse Us!… A Lesson in Rudeness

This week’s topic comes straight out of an experience I had this past weekend when my wife and I were attending a group function on the St. Croix River in Stillwater, MN. As we were paying for parking, we encountered a shining example of the reason I came up with the phrase, “No matter how right you think you are, being rude is always the wrong answer”…

I also speak in this week’s episode about a hateful comment made by a host of a program on one of the more pathetic main stream media networks. I don’t normally dive too deep in to things such as this, but I found this to be a disgusting, division provoking comment about the Gabby Petito disappearance worth talking about. Those who stoke division by promoting racism and a victimhood mentality are the worst kind of racists…

Episode 74: Ideas That Get Your “of color” Card Revoked… with Angel Eduardo

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and came away thinking, if the world had more thinkers such as this, the world would be a much calmer and better place for everyone? The deep thinker I’m talking about is Angel Eduardo and I’m grateful this week for having the opportunity to speak with Angel on the Derate the Hate podcast.

I recently read a piece by Angel published in Newsweek, “Stop calling me “white” for having the wrong opinions”, which stood out to me as something that seems to happen with much greater frequency these days. It seems if people of color don’t have the “correct” ideas or opinions, they are said to be “acting white” or called “white” as a pejorative. This is not only a disgusting form of racism and bullying, but it’s a nonsensical attempt by some to keep us divided. Angel has more than a little to say about this so you’re not going to want to miss this conversation!

DTH Quickshot: Preview Clip of: Ideas that get your “of color” card revoked… with Angel Eduardo

If you’re not familiar with Angel Eduardo, his work is something you’re going to want to check out. He’s definitely a deep thinker, a talented writer, musician and photographer. He’s definitely one that is bettering the world, and he’s the latest guest on the DTH podcast. In this DTH quickshot, you get a small preview of the conversation that will go live on 9/15/21. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to share with your friends. Another incredibly important message coming to you on the Derate the Hate podcast…

Episode 73: Can We Come Together Again Like The Days Following the Attacks on 9/11/2001?

Can we come together again the way we did in the days following the attacks on 9/11/2001? If you’re old enough, do you remember that time? There is now a whole generation that does not remember, but for those that do, think about that brief period of time after the towers fell, before the conspiracy theorists started with their nonsense and the majority of the main stream media started blaming then President Bush for everything that was wrong in the world. Do you remember how we came together as a nation? Do you remember all the American flags that were flying high and proud? Do you remember that period of time when we had differing opinions, but we were Americans, and Americans stood together in solidarity?

I’m asking the question. Can we come together again like the days following 9/11? I dream of a day when we as Americans can stand together again, in solidarity, with differences and differing opinions, but a common bond that provides for a civil discourse. I dream of a future where my children, and theirs, can live in a country who’s citizens are proud of their country, civil to one another, safe from the evils that plague the world, and still believe in the fundamental unalienable rights that made this country the strongest and proudest nation on God’s green earth.

I believe this is possible, and that is why I do this podcast. Do you, and if so, what are you doing to make that happen? I believe, that with open hearts and open minds, we as individuals have the ability to see past our differences, Derate The Hate, and make the world a better place.

This episode is about revisiting your mindset in the days following 9/11, and thinking about what you can do to get us back to the times of pride and unity? If you’re too young to remember, ask your parents, ask your neighbor or ask a co-worker. Have that conversation. It’s important that we get back to that mindset without a horrific event like those on 9/11. If we don’t, there’s surely more horrific events to come.

DTH Quickshot: Distance Yourself…

So I saw a meme recently that got me thinking about some personal lessons that I’ve learned over the course of my life. The life you’re living may not be the right environment for all your friends, so I talk about that and it may be something you want to give some thought to.
It also made me think about some times when I could have used some more friends, like when I’ve had surgery in the past. This came to mind because of a surgery I had this week. You can find out more about that by clicking here…

Episode 72: Hate Has Consequences… Tribute to 13 Brave American Heroes

I’ve made the statement before, Hate Has Consequences and we must not allow our emotions to dictate our actions. Ask yourself, where has hate gotten us? I’ve recorded this episode with a burning brain and a heavy heart. It is incredibly difficult for me to not allow myself to fall in to a mindset of hate after seeing what has taken place in recent weeks and the damage done by this administration.

I have to remind myself that Hate got us this administration, Hate for a man because of the politics of personality. The visceral Hatred from establishment politicians, Hate from a biased main stream media and Hate from a monopolistic big tech communication structure that censors those with whom they disagree as quickly as Stalin, Mau or Castro… You cannot defeat Hate with Hate, and we must not allow Hate to win the day.

Hate cost the lives this week of 13 brave American Heroes, Hate from murderous terrorists that have become emboldened and strengthened by an administration delivered to the American people and the world by the politics of hate. We must always remember the old adage, “you cannot cure a problem with the same mindset that created it”. We must not allow Hate to win the day.

Please join me in honoring the 13 U.S. Service members that were killed by these Hateful Terrorists. Share if you feel it’s appropriate.

Episode 71: Islamic Extremism, 20 Years Later; Fighting for Minds… conversation with Average Mohamed

As we approach the 20th anniversary of one of the most tragic days in American history, I was reflecting on what happened that day, September 11, 2001. Who were the hateful killers that shook the world by striking a blow to the greatest power and greatest country on God’s green earth? I don’t mean who were the killers as individuals, and I certainly will not mention them by name, but why did a handful of hateful murderers kill 3000 of our fellow human beings, citizens of the United States and others from nearly 90 countries on September 11, 2001?

When it comes to speaking with authority about Islamic terrorists, I turn to my friend Average Mohamed, or the man behind Average Mohamed, AKA Mohamed Ahmed. For those not familiar with Average Mohamed, we first spoke back in Episode 49 about Battling Extremism, make sure to step back and listen to that great episode.

DTH Quickshot: Jumping to Conclusions & Throwing Stones

Someone clearly did not listen to our latest episode nor did they read the show notes before they jumped to conclusions and tried to have us removed from one of our platforms. It’s sad that we live in a society when people would rather silence those with whom they disagree than listen to what they have to say, or worse, demonize them due to their own ignorance. I’d rather you just email me and we can find out a better way to communicate our differences. Share this DTH Quickshot with someone you know who does this, because we all know them…

Episode 70: Redemption for Radicals? Shifting the Paradigm… conversation with Jeff Schoep

Do you believe in redemption for radicals? Do you believe those who’ve once believed in a hateful ideology or been party to hateful organizations can do anything to redeem themselves? I think it’s unwise to say that we cannot change the hearts and minds of those who’ve lead a life of hate and radical extremism. I would not be doing this podcast if I did not think they could be reached.

This week’s guest is a shining example of someone who has gone from extremism to counter-extremism and now devotes his time to de-radicalizing the haters instead of being the hater. Jeff Schoep, former Neo-Nazi and former leader of the National Socialist Movement here in the United States did not start out as a hateful extremist, but spent many years of his life on that side of the hate spectrum. You DO NOT want to miss this episode where I ask Jeff how he got to that point and what brought him back to a life not filled with hate and extremism.

Hear from Jeff how great folks like Daryl Davis and Deeyah Kahn and her movie “White Right Meeting the Enemy” played an important role in his paradigm shift and how all the folks at BeyondBarriersUSA.org are helping to de-radicalize people of all types of extremism. Again, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE!!

Episode 69: Misery, Politics & Extemism… coming soon… DTH Quickshot Episodes

I’ve recently had the idea to start doing some shorter, often random more spur of the moment types of episodes in addition to the regular weekly episode. There are many things that come to me each week that I’d like to share in hopes of engaging more with the listeners. Some of these may just be audio from a YouTube, Tik Tok or other platform, or some may just be quick recordings I do when something strikes me. They may just be me responding to emails or messages on social media. Either way, they’ll likely be random and of varying lengths and topics, so watch for them and share whenever possible.

This week’s episode was just based upon things I’ve seen, done or had on my mind over the course of this past week. Are you miserable with your life, job or maybe a relationship? Misery is a choice that only you can choose to change. I also spoke this past week to the national leadership team of Braver Angels about the We The Peoples’ Forum which I’m honored to be a part of. If you have not heard of that, be sure to check out Episode 66 and my conversation with David Lapp of Braver Angels and the Working Peoples’ Project.