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Episode 4: Smiles and Bad Moods are Contagious

May 13, 2020

Welcome back friends. Wilk here from for Episode 4 of the Derate the Hate podcast. With all that we are currently faced with as a nation and it’s people, it is very important to understand that it’s not only viruses that are contagious. A smile may be the difference in someone’s day, and your bad mood may be what ruins someone else’s. Smiles and bad moods are every bit as contagious, if not more so, than any virus or illness. Nobody wants to be around a toxic person, so it’s up to you not to be one.

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Above all things, be kind to each other, be grateful every day for what you’ve got, and remember, it’s up to you to make each day what you want it to be.

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Episode 3: Perpetually Offended

May 05, 2020

Wilk here again from and in Episode 3 we are talking about those who are perpetually offended and how that makes for a toxic and unhappy person. I dropped in a little plug for our apparel line, Failed Understanding Apparel, as this is one of the ways we like to springboard a dialogue between people of opposing views. We all know one, if not multiple people who seem to be perpetually offended. A happy society must be a tolerant society, and those who are perpetually offended are neither tolerant nor happy, but use their perpetually offended mentality in an attempt to manipulate the feelings and actions of those which they disagree. In this week’s “Good Deed” segment I talk about a teenage sophmore named Hita Gupta in Pennsylvania that has taken to providing care packages to the elderly in care homes during this pandemic, packages which include puzzles, adult coloring books and handwritten notes from her nine year old brother. Things like this are so inspiring and show such unbelievable selflessness, I wanted to share her GoFundMe Page in hopes of getting her some more support for this amazing thing she’s doing for the seniors that are currently stuck in isolation.

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As always, be kind to each other, be grateful for what you’ve got, and remember, it’s up to you to make each day what you want it to be. Thank you!!

Episode 2: Please, Thank You, and the Importance of Gratitude

April 28, 2020

In our second episode, I continue on my journey into learning how to use my podcast equipment and I’m hoping we’ve made slight progress from episode one. There is very little in life quite so important to one’s happiness as being grateful. Teaching your children to say please and thank you is an essential part of gratitude and gratitude is an essential part of being a happy person. This is all essential in helping to turn down the hate. From all of us at and the podcast, thank you for listening, be kind to one another, be grateful for what you’ve got, and remember, it’s up to you to make each day what you want it to be…
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Episode 1: What Hate Is, What Is Not Hate

April 20, 2020

Inaugural episode of the Derate The Hate podcast. Hello, Wilk from here and this is my first attempt at doing a podcast, and that comes through loud and clear on our first episode. I’m just trying to figure out my equipment and get over how I sound when I’m not talking, because it’s not at all how it sounds in my head as I’m saying it. All things considered, we’re hoping our content provides some value, as our ultimate goal is Bettering the World, One Attitude at a Time. In this first episode, I go briefly into what hate is and what is not hate. This is obviously too broad a topic to cover in this short episode, but it is just a taste of more to come. Mostly we will be discussing how we can better get along as individuals in hopes of making a broader and bigger difference in the world. Thank you for joining me, please subscribe and comment with what you think. Thanks again!