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Episode 51: Hate is Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation

How big of a problem is Human Trafficking in the United States today? 
If you are anything like me, you probably know it’s happening but don’t give much thought to how big of an issue it really is. After this interview with Amy Storer, I now realize it is a much more prevalent evil among us than I ever would have guessed.
Parents, this is definitely an episode of the Derate the Hate podcast you should not miss, and you’re going to want to share it with every parent you know!
Have you ever stopped to think, What are some of the consequences that the Covid Lockdowns pose for our children? This is another question that comes up in this week’s interview.

Are your children safe online? Is my child safe online?
There are many things the internet is good for, but it is not a good place for kids according to this week’s interview guest, Amy Storer.