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The Truth and Trust Project… Episode 119 with Dr. Francis Collins Part 1 of 2

Do you trust that our public health officials are telling you the truth? I for one find myself very skeptical these days. As many who’ve listened to the DTH podcast for long know, I’ve been highly critical of the government’s response to the pandemic from the very beginning. How does someone like me have a conversation with someone who had direct influence on the government’s response to the pandemic? Not so long ago, I would say that the conversation would never happen, because my attitude would not have allowed it.

The Truth and Trust Project may be one of the most important endeavors of my life. Several times over the past several months, I asked the question, “if you could ask Dr. Francis Collins or Dr. Tony Fauci a question, what would that question be?”. For that question, I received nothing but negative responses. The most common response was some variation of, “I wouldn’t waste my time, they wouldn’t listen anyway”… I asked the question because I am currently involved in a Braver Angels initiative called the “Truth and Trust Project” with Dr. Francis Collins and myself as partners.

Episode 85: Flying the Unfriendly Skies… What’s up with this Hateful Trend?

I recently read an article that peaked my interest because it said something to the effect of “Flight Attendants’ jobs have never been more dangerous”. Obviously there had to be something here that involved hate, and I wanted to know why. Why is it that people have suddenly taken to hating flight attendants?

The article, which I will not promote, looked at first to be a decent article spelling out how since the pandemic began, instances of unruly and sometimes violent passengers are causing problems for flight crews on flights across the board. This article quickly descended into nonsense by claiming that some 61% of violent incidences on flights involved some form of racial, homophobic or gender involving slur and then it got worse…

It sickens and saddens me when people try to interject race and racism to promote an agenda, when the reality is, very few incidences of violence or unruly airline passengers have anything to do with racism, homophobia, etc… Check out this very important episode to find out where the real problem exists and what’s causing people to lose their minds in our not so friendly skies…