Tag: Derate The Hate

Episode 23: Keeping the Peace, Peace of Mind

Is arguing with those who’s minds you will never change really the way to keep the peace? Is bickering back and forth with someone who’s attitude you cannot change going to make things better for either of you? Does that argument or bicker session make you any more right or them any more wrong? Is this really the way to give you more peace of mind? I think not, I know not…

Episode 22: Perception, Is It Reality?

All too often people become too absorbed in their perception of things and it becomes their reality. If people are constantly told they are a victim, or they are in some way oppressed, they will see victimhood and oppression in everything they experience and will become incapable of finding the good, finding the joy in everyday things and will constantly be unhappy.

Episode 20: Diversity, of Thoughts and Ideas

It does not matter what color your skin is, or what sex or place of origin you belong to that makes for real diversity. None of that should matter, and to most people these days, it really doesn’t. The only diversity that really matters is the diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Episode 19: Political Theater, The Real Hate Speech

We are living through some of the most politically polarized times in the last 155 years, and I believe that is strongly in part due to the rhetoric spewed by our political class and the main stream media. I call this #PoliticalTheater, The #RealHateSpeech and I believe it’s done by design. Instead of trying to unite us on what we all have in common, and the greatness within our country, much of what is spread by the political mouthpieces and their cronies in the main stream media is meant to divide, confuse, and whip people into an emotional frenzy.

Episode 18: Labels, Get Out of the Box

I’m calling this episode, Labels, Get out of the Box! There is very little that drives me more crazy than those who are constantly trying to divide everyone up in to little categories, put everyone in a box and then label it, whatever… I am very much my own person and live by a moral compass and set of rules that years of lessons &/or mistakes and the resulting wisdom has set for me. I don’t need some politician and their cronies in the media to define who I am, how I should act, what I should think or what have you. Too often nowadays the powers that be are stringently trying to divide us into groups so they can retain power by pandering to whatever “Box” they think will best suit their needs at the time.

Episode 16: Memories, Make Them Good

There is a reason I donโ€™t post anything about our current state of affairs, political and/or virus related. I see my own relatives and friends going fist for fist arguing about who is right or wrong and why. I frankly canโ€™t stand it and I donโ€™t even look at their posts anymore.

A year from now, two years, five..I want to see memories with my children, my husband and my family. I look forward to these memories and posts year to year!

Are you looking forward to yours?