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Do You Struggle with Self-Discipline? DTH Episode 134 with Zach Mathews

Do you struggle with Self-Discipline?

Many of us struggle with self-discipline. I know I often do. Sometimes it takes the right motivation, or maybe the right coach. This week’s guest knows about self-discipline. In fact, he wrote a book about it, called “Climbing the Self-Discipline Tree” where he discusses the 3 phases essential for accomplishing any goal. So, do you struggle with self-discipline? If so, check out this conversation with my guest Zach Mathews…

Who is Zach Mathews and what is Fast & Focus?

Zach is an online intermittent fasting coach, author, a fellow podcaster, and speaker. 

He’s dedicated his life to helping others unlock the benefits of intermittent fasting and show them how to lose weight fast–even with a demanding career! In his book, “Climbing the self-discipline tree”, Zach explains how the process of accomplishing one’s goals in life is a lot like climbing a tree: everyone starts the climb, but very few actually make it to the top. What’s stopping people from seeing those goals through to the peak? For many, it’s their lack of self-discipline.