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Episode 94: Living in a Drive Thru Society

You know the phrase, “welcome to so & so, what can I get for you today” or some variation thereof… I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but it seems you cannot drive past a fast food restaurant around here without seeing a line stretched completely around the building. What’s going on these days that so many people would sit for extended periods of time to get “not so fast” food?

There are a couple things going on here that I dive in to in this episode, none of which are good. Whether it be media & government driven fear of personal interaction, “the great resignation”, or just peoples’ new norm of avoiding personal contact for whatever their personal reasons may happen to be. None of this is good, because we as human beings are social creatures and we need personal interaction and socialization for the benefit of our physical and mental health. Check out my thoughts in this DTH episode and share your thoughts with me…