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Episode 98: Making Civil Discourse Fun for the Next Generation… with Daniel Idfresne

One of the greatest problems we face in the battle we are fighting against woke culture and the perpetual victim mentality is that not enough young people are getting involved in a meaningful way. Striving for a more meaningful and civil discourse among those who have differing thoughts and opinions is not particularly fun or exciting, for most people, especially those of the younger generation. That is one reason I was so excited when I was able to make contact with this weekโ€™s guest.

Who is Daniel Idfresne?
Daniel Idfresne is a first generation American whose parents immigrated here from Haiti. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. Daniel began to notice a trend among his peers recently where they were denouncing their white privilege online, updating their bios with gender pronouns and posting links to all kinds of different social justice causes. Daniel wanted no part of such divisive things, as heโ€™s a proponent of equality and pluralism. In school, Daniel noticed another trend where identity politics was becoming the norm. Classroom debates were dominated by a single point of view, and many would self-censor to avoid being demonized by those with the woke mob mentality. Heโ€™d had enough.