Tag: Peace of Mind

Episode 40: Don’t Hate the Haters

Wilk here and again, Don’t hate the haters. One of the biggest battles I have to face personally is not allowing myself to hate those who are constantly trying to project their hate on others, or in my case, me. This is a battle we all must face because if you allow yourself to hate, soon that toxic hole within the souls of the real haters will develop within you. Check out episode 40 for more about this.

Episode 23: Keeping the Peace, Peace of Mind

Is arguing with those who’s minds you will never change really the way to keep the peace? Is bickering back and forth with someone who’s attitude you cannot change going to make things better for either of you? Does that argument or bicker session make you any more right or them any more wrong? Is this really the way to give you more peace of mind? I think not, I know not…