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Episode 72: Hate Has Consequences… Tribute to 13 Brave American Heroes

I’ve made the statement before, Hate Has Consequences and we must not allow our emotions to dictate our actions. Ask yourself, where has hate gotten us? I’ve recorded this episode with a burning brain and a heavy heart. It is incredibly difficult for me to not allow myself to fall in to a mindset of hate after seeing what has taken place in recent weeks and the damage done by this administration.

I have to remind myself that Hate got us this administration, Hate for a man because of the politics of personality. The visceral Hatred from establishment politicians, Hate from a biased main stream media and Hate from a monopolistic big tech communication structure that censors those with whom they disagree as quickly as Stalin, Mau or Castro… You cannot defeat Hate with Hate, and we must not allow Hate to win the day.

Hate cost the lives this week of 13 brave American Heroes, Hate from murderous terrorists that have become emboldened and strengthened by an administration delivered to the American people and the world by the politics of hate. We must always remember the old adage, “you cannot cure a problem with the same mindset that created it”. We must not allow Hate to win the day.

Please join me in honoring the 13 U.S. Service members that were killed by these Hateful Terrorists. Share if you feel it’s appropriate.