About The Show

Bettering the world one attitude at a time. 

I am your host, Wilk Wilkinson. Your blue-collar sage, calming outrage and helping to navigate a world divided by FOG, & those who spread that fear, outrage, and grievance. Each week I’m sharing stories from my path & using the power of conversation and collaboration with great guests. Together, we chart a course toward understanding, bridging divides, and fostering a community where wisdom prevails over discord.

Friends, it really is about bettering the world, one attitude at a time. We did not create the hate, but together we can Derate The Hate. The only good thing about a bad attitude is we have the ability as individuals to change it. For me, it starts with gratitude and personal accountability. I am so incredibly grateful you’ve decided to stop by!

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Take a listen and see if there is something here to help you in taking your part in turning down the hate. 

Welcome to the Derate The Hate Podcast!

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