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DEI vs. Diversity of Thought
I recently read an article in the Free Black Thought substack written by my friend Dr. Tabia Lee entitled: DEI COLLEAGUES: YOUR ANTI-SEMITISM IS SHOWINGWith recent events being what they are in the middle east, and the ensuing hate mongering that is taking place world-wide, the article stood out instantly.  You might remember Dr. Tabia Lee from our DTH conversation back in March of this year soon after she was stripped of her position as Faculty Director for the office of Equity, Social-Justice, and Multicultural Education at De Anza College, a California community college. I'll be looking to have Dr. Lee back on the podcast in early 2024, but for now, please enjoy this replay of our conversation back in March of 2023, and check out this article in Free Black Thought.

Who is Dr. Tabia Lee?
Dr. Tabia Lee
, EdD, a founding member of Free Black Thought,  has contributed to the design, implementation, and evaluation of numerous educational and professional development programs.  Her commitment to teacher education and pedagogical design is grounded in her experience as a lifelong educator and a National Board Certified English, Civics, and Social Studies teacher in urban American public middle schools.  Dr. Lee prepares K-12 and higher education faculty to work with diverse students by focusing on better understanding the pedagogical and curricular implications of ideology-in-practice.

Learn more about Dr. Lee by getting the full show notes at www.DerateTheHate.com

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