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Welcome back my friends, Wilk here from Wilksworld.com and in episode 17 I am discussing the sadness that is the way that some people are treating others in and on social media sites.
We all know the kind, those #KeyboardWarriors that we all know about, those that say the most vile and savage things to people they know they will never meet. It is my opinion that most of these members of what I call the Basement Dwelling Bedwetter Brigade are unfortunately unable, or have traditionally in most cases been those that were likely picked on and bullied most of their lives and were never really able to stick up for or never had the courage to stand up for themselves.
The dumpster fire known as social media has given these #keyboardwarriors a forum to take theirĀ  swing, get a punch in because they've never been able to do it in real life and what better time to do it than when your "opponent" is someone who you'll never have to really interact with in real life, right? These folks are in fact hurting and miserable people that want everyone else to be as miserable as they are, so what do hurt people do, they hurt people.
In this weeks feel good story I talk about a gentleman out of Alabama by the name of Rodney Smith that started a movement called the 50 Yard Challenge where he inspires and encourages youngsters from ages 7 to 17 to go out and mow 50 lawns for free as part of this challenge. Rodney has inspired upwards of 1000 young people to start this challenge and he has personally traveled to around 25 states to give those who have completed the challenge a special gift. This is a special man making special things happen, way to go Rodney! (Read more here)
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