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Welcome back my friends! Wilk here from WilksWorld.com with our 20th episode of the Derate the Hate podcast. Wow, I can't believe we've got 20 episodes in the box now and I cannot thank all the listeners enough for all the support. If you have not done so, please subscribe wherever you get your audio, leave us a review or rating and share us with your friends. If you'd like to contact Wilk, look for us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I'm pretty responsive and look forward to hearing from you!
OK, Episode 20, Diversity, of Thoughts and Ideas. So often we hear people talking about diversity and how we need diversity, but it's not the diversity that really matters that they are looking for. Like I talked about in Episode 18, people are always trying to divide us up in to boxes with neat little labels thinking that is diversity, but no, that is not the diversity that really matters. It does not matter what color your skin is, or what sex or place of origin you belong to makes for real diversity. None of that should matter, and to most people these days, it really doesn't. The only diversity that really matters is the diversity of thoughts and ideas.
So naturally, one needs to ask themselves why is diversity of thoughts and ideas a big deal? We live in what could be described as the most polarized times in most people living today's lifetime. How did we get here and why? We have gotten to this point because people fear what they don't know. People have become vulnerable and fear ideas that do not coincide with their own and it has lead to much civil unrest, lost relationships and strife among family members. We must get back to the ability to disagree agreeably or we are doomed as a society.
What have you done today to make the world a better place? What have you done today to make your life a better life? If you are unable to disagree agreeably with others, and cannot see that diversity of thoughts and ideas is far more important than the diversity those who wish to divide us in to little labeled boxes strive for, you're doing neither.
Our feel good story of the week comes from Brown County, OH where a youngster by the name of Myles Hornschemeir abandoned his little scooter to save a stranded kitten, only to go back later and find that his scooter had been taken. Word of his good deed got around and the folks at the Mt. Orab police department awarded this big hearted youngster with a new scooter that he selflessly abandoned to save this helpless animal. You can read more about this great youngster here.
With that, I'm going to back on out of here and say, when you can get out among the people, be kind to one another, be grateful for everything you've got, and remember that it is up to you to make each and every day the day that you want it to be!

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