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Welcome back my friends for episode 30  of the Derate the Hate podcast! Wilk here again from WilksWorld.com and I am recording and putting out this episode from a camper in northern Minnesota so I am going to keep this episode and the show notes brief.

What have you done today to make your life a better life? What have you done today to make the world a better place? What makes you happy? One thing that makes me happy is getting away from it all and doing some hunting in the woods. In the current turbulent times in which we live, we must look within ourselves and do those things that make us happy, because ultimately, life is about being happy and even in these tough times, a life not happy is a wasted life. What makes you happy? DO what makes you happy!

For this weeks feel good story, I am re-visiting a story that was sent to me by my Mother-in-Law and it’s about a magical relationship between 2 youngsters that is highlighted in a post on our Derate the Hate Facebook page. This story begins when the soon to be parents of Cooper Hyde find out their son has multiple physical/health issues including down syndrome. They prayed for God to give them strength to get through their coming journey and in so many ways those prayers have been, and continue to be answered. One way was through the magical bond that just months old Cooper started with then 12 year old Zac Wilson and how that relationship has progressed beautifully over the past 6 years. You are definitely going to want to see this story so check it out on our Facebook page.
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