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Hope For Healing & Becoming Our Own Champion

In this episode, Linda Bjork joins Wilk to discuss the power of personal transformation and overcoming the challenges of depression. The conversation covers various themes including taking personal accountability, creating our own happiness, and recognizing our own value. Linda shares her own journey and how she came to the realization that we can be the champions of our own stories. The conversation emphasizes the importance of mindset, self-belief, and taking small action steps towards personal growth and happiness. Linda also discusses the work of the Hope for Healing Foundation and her podcast, Linda's Corner.


  • Personal transformation and overcoming challenges require taking personal accountability and recognizing our own value.
  • Creating happiness is within our control and comes from our own actions.
  • Taking small action steps can lead to personal growth and happiness.
  • Focusing on gratitude and changing our mindset can have a profound impact on our well-being.

Who is Linda Bjork?

Linda is an overcomer, someone who has been able to overcome depression, social anxiety, and trauma. Linda is someone who understands what it means to overcome self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, low confidence, low self-esteem and more. She now joyfully lives an authentic and fulfilling life. Linda is passionate about hope, healing and personal transformation. It is because of this passion that Linda created the non-profit, Hope for healing, to help empower others to overcome as well.


00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Podcast

01:19 Themes: Personal Transformation and Overcoming Depression

04:40 Becoming the Champion of Our Own Story

06:06 Overcoming Depression and Finding Hope

14:41 Personal Accountability and Creating Happiness

25:05 The Power of Focus and Gratitude

27:02 Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage

30:47 Hope for Healing Foundation and Linda's Corner Podcast

35:18 Conclusion and Gratitude

Learn more and connect with Linda Bjork Online:

website: https://hopeforhealingfoundation.org/

YouTube: Linda's Corner

Instagram: Lindascornerpodcast


What have you done today to make your life a better life? What have you done today to make the world a better place? The world is a better place if we are better people. That begins with each of us as individuals. Be kind to one another. Be grateful for everything you’ve got. Make each and every day the day that you want it to be!

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