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Is a Civil "Is God Real?" Conversation Possible? 

In this episode of the Derate the Hate podcast, guest host, Julian Adorney, moderates a conversation between his wife, Cassie Kimbriel, a devout Christian, and his friend, Angel Eduardo, an atheist. The main topic of discussion is the existence of God. Angel argues that belief in God is unreasonable and implausible, while Cassie believes that the complexities of the universe and personal experiences point to the existence of a higher power. The trio discuss the problem of suffering and the concept of hell. The conversation highlights the different perspectives and challenges in discussing such a deeply personal and complex topic. In this conversation, Julian, Angel, and Cassie  delve into the importance of belief in God on an emotional level. They explore the role of emotional reasoning in shaping their beliefs and the significance of finding purpose and meaning in life. They also touch on the need for intellectual humility and open conversations when discussing religion and atheism. The conversation highlights the damaging effects of tribalism and the importance of respectful and compassionate dialogue.

Key Takeaways

  • Different perspectives on the existence of God are discussed, with Angel arguing that it is unreasonable and Cassie presenting personal experiences and the complexities of the universe as evidence for God's existence.
  • The problem of suffering and the concept of hell are also explored, with Cassie suggesting that suffering is a result of human choices and brokenness, and hell is the consequence of choosing to be outside of God's presence.
  • The conversation highlights the challenges and complexities of discussing deeply personal and philosophical topics. Belief in God is often rooted in emotional reasoning rather than solely logical explanations.
  • Finding purpose and meaning in life is important for human existence.
  • Intellectual humility is crucial when discussing religion and atheism.
  • Open conversations and respectful dialogue can lead to deeper relationships and a better society.
  • Tribalism and arrogance hinder productive discussions and understanding.

Guest Host Julian Adorney and Angel Eduardo

Julian Adorney is an author and speaker focused on preserving and rebuilding the West against the threats of illiberalism and affective polarization. He's written for Quillette, Queer Majority, National Review, the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) and a few other sites; and is on the Braver Angels media team. He's the founder of Heal the West, a substack movement.

Cassie Kimbriel is a Youth Pastor, Theology major  and new bride to our guest host, Julian Adorney.

Angel Eduardo is a writer, musician, photographer, and designer based in New York City, best-known for coining and promoting the rhetorical concept of star-manning. He works as Senior Writer & Editor for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), and serves on the Board of Directors for the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR). He also contributes to the Center for Inquiry’s blog, where he writes on science, communication, skepticism, and morality for a column entitled Searching for Better Angels

Learn more and connect with Julian, Cassie & Angel:

Angel Eduardo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StrangelEdweird

Julian Adorney on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Julian_Liberty

Cassie Kimbriel on Facebook: cassie.kimbriel

Quillette on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quillette/



00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Conversation

04:09 Is Belief in God Reasonable and Plausible?

28:07 The Concept of Hell and God's Presence

33:28 Navigating the Challenges of Discussing Personal Beliefs

34:18 The Role of Emotional Reasoning in Belief

37:33 Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life

42:07 The Importance of Intellectual Humility

48:14 Open Conversations and Respectful Dialogue

52:50 The Damaging Effects of Tribalism


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