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Reviving a sense of community and reflecting on his time working with Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s message was rooted in uplifting the people and organizing Americans for a better sense of community. He passionately advocated for equality, justice, and unity, envisioning a society where individuals transcended racial and social divides to stand together in solidarity. King's powerful speeches, such as his iconic "I Have a Dream" address, emphasized the importance of love, understanding, and nonviolent resistance in pursuing a more harmonious society. His vision was about civil rights and fostering a collective spirit that could bring about positive change and create a stronger, more inclusive community where all people could excel and thrive no matter their background.

In this fascinating conversation, Harry joins Wilk to discuss:

  •       How his father’s time with the Red Cross resulted in both Harry and his father working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the S.C.L.C.
  •       Run-ins with the KKK and other white supremacists.
  •       The difference between the philosophies of pacifism and non-violence.
  •        “Operation Dialogue” and the Citizenship Schools programs of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  •       Finding the divine and humanity in all people.
  •       Book: “If Your Back’s Not Bent” by Dorothy Cotton
  •       Movie “Best of Enemies”
  •       Our Christian faith & of course the common cause work we do with the organization Braver Angels

Who are  Harry Boyte?

Harry C. Boyte is a co-founder of the Institute for Public Life and Work and Senior Scholar of Public Work Philosophy at the Institute and also at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN.  He founded and for 20 years directed and co-directed the Center for Democracy and Citizenship (CDC) at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. As a young man he worked in the citizenship schools sponsored by SCLC, Martin Luther King Jr.’s organization. 

Learn more about and connect with Harry Boyte online:
website: https://www.iplw.org/

(X) formerly know as Twitter: @HarryBoyte

What have you done today to make your life a better life? What have you done today to make the world a better place? The world is a better place if we are better people. That begins with each of us leading a better life. Be kind to one another. Be grateful for everything you’ve got. Make each and every day the day that you want it to be!

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