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2023 Braver Angels National Convention Recap
On Wednesday, July 5, 2023, Braver Angels orchestrated a remarkable gathering, uniting nearly 700 delegates from diverse backgrounds across our great nation. Their mission: to engage in meaningful discussions on how individuals with varying political mindsets can unite and contribute to the betterment of America. Spanning four days, this convention provided an immersive experience with eight impactful plenary sessions and numerous breakout sessions for delegates to actively participate in or attend. The event exuded an atmosphere reminiscent of a vibrant festival, brimming with notable speakers, engaging skits, uplifting music, and spirited dancing. Join me as I engage in conversation with Ciaran O'Connor, the esteemed Chief Marketing Officer of Braver Angels, as we delve into the highlights of the remarkable event. Here is our 2023 Braver Angels National Convention recap.

Learn more about Braver Angels below:
website: https://braverangels.org/

2023 Braver Angels Convention on YouTube
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