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A Physician’s Front-Line Account Of The Covid Pandemic

“The public health policy’s connection with the health of a society is only peripheral, the real impact of public health is that it determines how everyone lives and conducts business. If you do not have a good, effective public health structure, you simply cannot exist as an individual or a society.” So many of us experienced the Covid pandemic in different ways, but some had it far worse than others. The many deaths caused by the virus itself are just a small part of the aftermath from the virus. My conversation this week with Dr. Ravi Iyer is a deeper dive into one physician’s front-line account of the covid pandemic.

Who is Dr. Ravi Iyer?

Born in Mumbai, Dr. Ravi R. Iyer is the founding physician and president of the Iyer Clinic-LMG in Fairfax and Loudoun County, Virginia, USA, and serves as the director of clinical research for Loudoun Medical Group. A physician-scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with research publications in the mechanisms of gene controls and several patents on human and veterinary medicines and devices, Dr Iyer serves as the CEO of ActivPower, Inc. a nutrition and wellness company he founded.

His extensive background of over 40 years in the fields of medicine, science, basic research, drug regulation, and vaccine development and deep insight into the human condition puts him in a unique position to speak about these issues with clarity, incisive depth, and deep compassion. His passion is educating and advocating for a balanced understanding and stewardship of our life and world in a manner that allows for all-around growth and health for all creatures and populations.

Learn more about and connect with Dr. Ravi Iyer online:
website: https://www.driyer.com/index.html
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