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Have you ever heard the phrase, "Just because everyone is doing something does not make it right, and just because nobody is doing something does not make it wrong"? Do you get the feeling lately that we are being conditioned, or forced really, into a majority mentality, or else?

There will come a time, when good people who just want to be left alone are forced to take a stand. I want to be real clear, I don't mean "Take a Stand" in a physical fight kind of way, and I pray it does not come to that, but I mean Take a Stand in the sense that people who just want to be left alone to do their own thing and live their own life in peace are going to have to get involved because the tyranny of the majority continues to become more emboldened in forcing their will upon those with whom they disagree.

In last weeks episode, 10 Lessons I Will Pass On To My Children, I said in lesson 10, "know your values, and when you see wrong, take a stand". This is so important, and all too often, in an effort to keep the peace and stay off everyone's radar, good people do nothing when they see their values being violated for fear of becoming a victim of the cancel culture, mob mentality and social justice warrior bullying that is all to common these days. There will come a time when many good people who just want to be left alone will have to take a stand...

This week's feel good story comes to us from a site my wife brought to my attention called tanksgoodnews.com. This story happens to be about a youngster by the name of Cavanaugh Bell who was being bullied and found a creative and productive way to overcome that darkness it left inside of him. Hear more about young 7 year old Cavanaugh Bell's story on this week's podcast or check out the article I read here.

As I do every week, I ask you, “what have you done today to make your life a better life?, what have you done today to make the world a better place?” The world is a better place if we are better people, and that begins with each of us leading a better life. Be kind to one another, be grateful for everything you’ve got, and make each and every day the day that you want it to be!

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