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This may not be the best title for this week's episode, but I'm torn over some things that happened this week both in my personal life and in the news. In last week's episode, Dr. Elana Fishbein asked the question, (rhetorically, not to me) "are  you racist, look in the mirror, are you racist, I'm not racist, my kids are not racist". So much these days is considered and blamed on racism, yet there is very little racism in this country.

The great economist Thomas Sowell said it best, "Racism is not dead, but it is on life support - kept alive by race hustlers and people who get a moral superiority by denouncing others as racists"

So much of what we see in modern culture and the main stream media these days has to do with so called "racism" or this "ism" or that "ism". In recent days we've seen Mr. Potato Head stripped of his "MR.", the Muppet show being preceded by "viewer discretion advised for potentially offensive content" and now several of Dr. Seuss' books being removed from circulation for alleged racist undertones.

The madness must stop, but I fear the perpetrators of this nonsense have a vested interest in keeping people divided, mad and confused. My wife and I have been participating in something for church called the "Red Letter Challenge" and over the past couple days part of the teaching in here, which does come from the Bible has to do with being judgemental and forgiveness. Either those perpetrating the nonsense I spoke of above are not familiar with the Bible's words on being judgemental and forgiving or they're to self-absorbed to know what they are actually doing.

In this week's feel good story I found a neat little story out of Melrose, Mass. where 2 high school seniors found a way to put a twist on "paying it forward".  Catherine McCarron and Michaela Szymczak started the "Pay it with a post it" movement in the La Qchara coffee shop in Melrose. A neat little story of a couple youngsters doing good things you can check out here.

As I do every week, I ask you, “what have you done today to make your life a better life?, what have you done today to make the world a better place?” The world is a better place if we are better people, and that begins with each of us leading a better life. Be kind to one another, be grateful for everything you’ve got, and make each and every day the day that you want it to be!

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