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Morality Shifts Based Upon False Narratives
In this episode, host Wilk Wilkinson is joined by filmmaker Eli Steele. They discuss Eli's journey into film-making, the impact of film on his life, and his collaboration with his father, Shelby Steele. They delve into the inspiration behind Eli's documentary, 'What Killed Michael Brown?', and the dangers of oversimplification and identity politics. The conversation also explores the division in America and the importance of engaging in conversations to break down walls of ignorance. They touch on the shift in morality and the use of race as a means for power. The episode concludes with a discussion on the need to reinvent American principles.

Who is Eli Steele?
Eli Steele is an award-winning filmmaker and “What Killed Michael Brown?” marks his first professional collaboration with his father, Shelby Steele. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College and Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy, Steele’s career highlights include “How Jack Became Black,” “What’s Bugging Seth,” winner of ten film festivals, and “Katrina,” an MTV Network pilot which won him the Breakthrough Filmmakers Award. Steele has written for publications ranging from LA Times to Commentary Magazine.

Website: https://www.manofsteeleproductions.com/

Connect with Eli Steele on (X): @Hebro_Steele


  • Engaging in conversations is crucial to breaking down walls of ignorance and bridging divides.
  • Oversimplification and identity politics can be dangerous and hinder understanding.
  • The use of race as a means for power has been a recurring theme throughout history.
  • Freedom is a powerful and challenging concept that requires individual responsibility.
  • American principles should be upheld and reinvented if necessary to ensure a united and free country.

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