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Not All Paths To Forgiveness Look The Same

In this captivating conversation, I am happy to welcome Kathleen Israel, a true inspiration, who regales us with her extraordinary tale of traversing 500 miles across the Camino Santiago of Northern Spain at the age of 70. Listen as Kathleen unfolds the rich tapestry of her journey, weaving threads of forgiveness, resilience, and profound self-discovery. She illuminates the transformative power of forgiveness, recounting how it served as the cornerstone of her pilgrimage, infusing each step with purpose and healing. Delving into the depths of her own past, she candidly shares the echoes of childhood trauma and the cathartic journey towards forgiveness, drawing upon the ancient Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono to mend the fractures of her soul. As she traversed the Camino, Kathleen found solace in the embrace of adversity, recognizing it as a catalyst for spiritual elevation. Through encounters with fellow pilgrims, she unearthed pearls of wisdom, each footfall echoing with the resonance of shared humanity. Her book, 'Wisdom on the Camino,' stands as a testament to her indomitable spirit, offering a guiding light for those seeking redemption and enlightenment on their own path.



  • Forgiveness is a transformative practice that allows us to heal and raise our vibration.
  • The Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono can help release emotional binds and promote healing.
  • Taking personal responsibility for our healing journey is essential.
  • Unconditional love requires experiencing and overcoming adversity.
  • Walking the Camino Santiago presents challenges in finding accommodations and suitable food but the mental rewards are tremendous.

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00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the D -Rate to Hate Podcast
01:19 Guest Introduction: Kathleen Israel's Journey on the Camino Santiago
09:24 Preparing for the Camino Santiago and Overcoming Challenges
13:40 The Practice of Ho'oponopono and its Role in Healing
22:36 Walking the Camino Santiago at 70: An Incredible Journey
24:26 Challenges Along the Camino: Accommodations and Food
28:43 Wisdom on the Camino: Lessons Learned and Sharing with Others
37:29 Conclusion and Where to Find Kathleen Israel's Book


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