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The Courage To Step Outside Your Silo
A Covid-19 Paradigm Shift

In this episode, host Wilk Wilkinson is joined by Kevin Bass, a scientist who was dismissed from medical school for his COVID-19 advocacy. They discuss Kevin's initial mindset on COVID-19 and his interest in debunking misinformation. The conversation delves into the toxicity of the initial mindset, the difficulty of stepping outside echo chambers, and the fear of speaking out. They emphasize the importance of engaging in conversations with differing viewpoints and finding common ground through open and fearless dialogue. The episode highlights the need to mend the divides in our society and prioritize understanding and empathy.



  • Stepping outside echo chambers and engaging in conversations with differing viewpoints is crucial for personal growth and understanding.
  • Fear of speaking out and the consequences of challenging the consensus can prevent individuals from questioning or exploring new ideas.
  • Mending the divide and finding common ground requires open and fearless conversations that prioritize understanding and empathy.
  • There is a need to address the polarization and misinformation in society and promote a culture of free and open dialogue.


00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Podcast
01:19 Kevin Bass's Background and Interest in Debunking Misinformation
08:28 The Difficulty of Stepping Outside Echo Chambers
11:04 Initial Mindset on COVID-19 and Government's Response
23:18 Understanding Different Perspectives and Depolarization
33:47 Consequences and Challenges Faced by Kevin Bass
37:59 Future Plans and Mending the Divide
41:19 Conclusion and Call to Action

Learn more about and connect with Kevin Bass online:

Substack: https://kevinbass.substack.com/

(X) formerly Twitter: @Kevinnbass

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kevinnbass/?hl=en


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