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The "Doom Loop" of Polarization 

 Political beliefs are often shaped by party affiliations rather than the other way around, contributing to the phenomenon of political tribalism. Individuals align themselves with a particular political party, and in doing so, adopt the party's established set of beliefs and ideologies. This process is not always driven by a deep examination of personal values but rather a desire for belonging and identity within a group. As a result, people may conform to the party's stance on various issues, even if those positions do not entirely align with their individual convictions. This conformity fosters an environment where party loyalty takes precedence over independent thought, leading to a polarized political landscape. The reinforcement of party identity becomes a powerful force, making it challenging for individuals to deviate from the accepted party narrative, ultimately perpetuating the "Doom Loop" of Polarization. 

Who is Timothy J.  Redmond?

 Timothy J. Redmond is an award-winning educator and author. He received his PhD in political science from the State University of New York at Buffalo and teaches at Williamsville East High School and Daemen University. Dr. Redmond is the author of over 100 articles on critical thinking and politics and the book Political Tribalism in America: How Hyper-Partisanship Dumbs Down Democracy and How to Fix It. In his free time, Tim also plays drums for the Buffalo-based hardcore/punk band Snapcase. 

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