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Why The Uproar About The Latest SCOTUS Rulings?

There's nothing like a little Supreme Court action these days to get the masses all riled up. In these polarized and divisive times, would you expect any less. While approximately 70% of the American public believes that race should not play a part in college admissions, many on social and within the main stream media would have you believe that an "illegitimate court" is setting the clocks back to the colonial days. I think nuances within concepts like contract law and freedom of association can be disagreed upon by reasonable people, but much of what I've seen in recent days is anything but reasonable. Why the uproar about the latest SCOTUS rulings?

For this incredible conversation, I've invited back my friend Christian Watson!

Christian is a recently graduated  philosophy student and political writer with a keen interest in political and social commentary. You may have seen Christian on one of his many appearances on Fox News. He often commentates from a right-leaning libertarian point of view, but his philosophy is more complex than can be represented by a single label. Christian often covers a variety of topics ranging from politics, arts, science, philosophy⁠—and much, much more.

If you did not catch it, Christian joined me onDTH Episode 100  to discuss his work with the organization Color Us United.

Learn more and connect with Christian Watson by checking out the full show notes for this episode at DerateTheHate.com.

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